FireWire and FCA-202: workaround

Based on the ‘news’ that Apple changed stuff in AppleFWAudio.kext I decided to try to fix my problems by replacing the current 10.4.10 AppleFWAudio.kext with that from 10.4.9. After clearing the kernel-cache (with Onyx) and rebooting, I had working audio.

For those not proficient enough to figure out all steps on their own, here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  • Download all needed tools. The aformentioned Onyx, a copy of pacifist and the 10.4.9 combo-update DMG.
  • Disconnect any unneeded USB and FireWire peripherals, just in case.
  • Make a copy of the files in /System/Library/Extentions/AppleFWAudio.kext (ctrl-click and choose ‘make archive’. Drag the .zip-file in /System/Library/Extentions to a safe place.
  • Open the DMG in pacifist. Inside, find (-F) a file called Archive.pax.gz, and extract that to your Desktop.
  • Open Archive.pax.gz in pacifist. Find the directory /System/extensions/AppleFWAudio.kext, and extract that to its default install location. Pacifist will prompt for your password and a confirmation that you want to overwrite a system file.
  • Start Onyx, click the ‘Cleaning’-button, and go to the Caches-tab . Check the System and Kernel caches. Application and Font caches are not relevant for this operation. Click execute, and wait until Onyx is done. Onyx will suggest a reboot, and I suggest you do that.

After rebooting your audio should work once again.

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